How I Learnt to be a Real Country­woman

I denne study guide kan du få hjælp til at analysere novellen “How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman” af Deborah Moggach. Udover analysehjælpen kan du finde et summary af novellen samt idéer til fortolkning og perspektivering. 

Præsentation af teksten

Titel: “How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman” (1995)
Forfatter: Deborah Moggach
Genre: Short story

Deborah Moggach er en engelsk forfatter, som både skriver romaner, noveller og tv-manuskripter. Flere af hendes værker er blevet filmatiseret, og hun er medlem af the Royal Society of Literature. 


Nedenfor kan du læse et kort uddrag fra vores study guide til teksten:


The title of Deborah Moggach’s short story “How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman” is straightforward. Readers immediately get clues about the narrator – a “countrywoman”, or a woman who lives or feels at home in the countryside – and might expect a truthful tale about a woman embracing the country life. Furthermore, the pronoun “I” is present in the title, suggesting that the story will be told by a first-person narrator.

One way you could interpret the title is in the light of its irony. First of all, Ruthie does not define herself as a countrywoman. She talks about being “brought up in Kensington” (l. 132) and being “an enthusiastic member of the consumer society” (ll. 135-136). Ruthie’s change of scenery comes after her husband loses his job, and they both move to the countryside. As the story progresses, the title’s irony becomes even more visible. Ruthie cannot fully adapt to the countryside and begins missing her former life.

Another way you could look at the title is by associating it with Ruthie’s sense of belonging. Through her attempts to save Beckham Wood, Ruthie begins a journey of self-discovery and starts to connect with people again, just like she did when she lived in the city. Consequently, Ruthie in some ways becomes a real countrywoman, finally managing to feel part of a community.

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How I Learnt to be a Real Countrywoman

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