Narrator and point of view

The short story “Goldhawk” by Katherine Magyarodyn is narrated in the past tense by a third-person narrator.

The narrator is omniscient because the point of view is not limited to one character. The narrator possesses knowledge of all characters and sees everything that happens within the world of the story. The narrator is able to enter into the minds of  Dinara’s collegues and explore their wishes, thoughts, and feelings: “He was not sure how old Dinara was, but surely the young needed jobs more than someone his mother’s age” (ll. 12-13). The narrator is also able to enter Dinara’s mind: “In this country, she had a sense that even the pines and the sumac and the tall grass along the corridor of the highway were imbued with love” (ll. 55-56)..

The narrator is subjective. Even though the narrator tells the story from a third-per...

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