Physical setting

The short story “Going Home” by Archie Weller was published in 1986. Billy is the owner of a new Kingswood car (p. 108, ll. 8-9), which was manufactured in Australia between 1968 and 1984. This could indicate that the action takes place sometime before 1986. The events happen over the course of two days, starting in the evening as Billy drives home (p. 110, l. 27), and ending early the next morning. However, Billy also describes various events that have taken place over the previous five years (p. 108, l. 15) during which he has been away from home.

The main physical setting is the Koodup camp area in Australia, where Billy grew up and where his family lives. The camp’s description suggests the Aboriginals’ poor living conditions and hardship:

Broken glass winks white, like the bones of dead animals (…) Billy stumbles over to the ablution block: three bent and rusty showers and a toilet each for men and women. Names and slogans are scribbled on every available space. (p. 116, ll. 7-13)

The physical setting is often described in a way that suggests Billy’s thoughts and state...

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