Characterization of Billy Woodward

Outer characterization

Billy Woodward is the main character of the short story “Going Home” by Archie Weller. His full name is William Jacob Woodward, but he is referred to as Billy throughout the story. The events take place on Billy’s 21st birthday (p. 108, ll. 15-16).

Five years earlier, Billy left his family’s camp and went to college in Perth, Australia (p. 108, ll. 25-26), which led him to become a successful football player (p. 108, ll. 38-40). Billy also studied at the West Australian Institute of Technology (p. 109, ll. 21-22). Billy is also an accomplished painter, as suggested by the fact that he is wealthy enough to buy a car with the money made from his first exhibition (p. 108, ll. 11-12).

Billy is Aboriginal with some white heritage, which is suggested in his physical description: “a handsome youth, with the features of his white grandfather and the quietness of his Aboriginal forebears. He stood tall and proud, with the sensitive lips of a dreamer and a faraway look in his serene amber eyes” (p. 109, ll. 26-29). While away from home, Billy changed his clothing and hairstyle to blend in with the white community: “He bought clean bright clothes and cut off his long hair that al...

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