Relationships between the characters

Winston and Julia

Winston’s attitude to Julia is at first a mix of hatred and fear, as he suspects her of being either a member of the Thought Police or an amateur detective. Either way, she looks like the sort of loyal Party member who would turn someone in to the authorities when given the opportunity (p. 12). His hatred is so strong that he even daydreams about raping her and murdering her (p. 17).

However, in the middle section of the book it is revealed that she is merely keeping a close eye on Winston because she is romantically attracted to him (p. 111). This leads to a romantic and sexual relationship between them, even though they have to meet in secret because relationships between non-married Party members are not allowed in Oceanian society.

Though their relationship is mainly sexual at first, they also develop romantic love for each other (p. 146), and they quickly become very close and share even their most secret thoughts and emotions.

An example of their dedication can also be seen when they join the Brotherhood, since they declare themselves willing to perform all kinds of horrible acts in the service of the rebellion, with the one exception of leaving each other (p. 180). However, it is interesting to note that while Julia immediatel...

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