Fields of Vision

Here we give you some quick notes for the extract from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein that can be found in Fields of Vision 1 by Denis Delaney et al. The extract actually consists of two separate extracts, both from the first part of the novel.

Summary of Text E27: A Sudden Light Broke In Upon Me

At this point, Victor Frankenstein is a young university student in Ingolstadt. He is becoming obsessed with the idea of creating life and describes the strength of his motivation as almost supernatural. He believes that in order to understand life he must understand death. Thus, he spends a lot of time in mortuaries and such places; here he studies how death destroys the human body. The darkness of all this doesn't scare him.

After many days, Frankenstein's hard work pays off: A light breaks upon him, meaning that he suddenly discovers how to bring life to a dead body. He cannot believe that he of all people should be the one to make this amazing discovery.

Summary of Text E28: The Accomplishment Of My Toils

On a dark and rainy November night, Frankenstein succeed...

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