There are many ways to put Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein into perspective. 

You might want to choose a literary perspective where you try to place the novel within a specific literary movement. We suggest diving into to either Romanticism or Gothic literature since many characteristics from these two movements can be found in Shelley’s novel.

You might also choose to relate the novel to one of the movie adaptations which have been made of Frankenstein over time. Some of the adaptations stay close to the original plot whereas others have chosen to change the story quite a lot, which of course affects the story’s message.

Finally, you may want to apply a specific method or reading to your work with the novel, such as feminist criticism or post-colonialism. Note that this is a specific type of analysis rather than just perspectives on the novel. Doing this could be particularly relevant if you are working with the novel (or extracts from it) as part of your SRP assignment or the like. 

You can read more about each option in the following pages.