Here, we give you some quick notes for analysing Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This complex and captivating story was written over 200 years ago. 

Frankenstein has a complex structure. There is a frame story narrated via letters by Captain Robert Walton, who discovers Frankenstein nearly dead in the Arctic. The majority of the novel consists of the main story which is really Frankenstein’s flashback about his early life and the catastrophic making of the creature. The middle of this main story is narrated by the creature who tells the story of his early life. The narrative includes several examples of foreshadowing.

One of the main characters is Victor Frankenstein, a student of science who becomes obsessed with creating a living being. When he succeeds, he is horrified by what he has done and regrets his actions. The creature to which he gives life is the other main character. He is a rational being who wants friendship and affection, but turns to murder and revenge when he is rejected by society. 

The story raises readers’ sympathy and repulsion for both main characters, leading us...

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