What are the forms of appeal?

The forms of appeal are strategies of persuasion

The forms of appeal can be defined as three overall strategies which the sender of a non-fiction text can use to appeal to the receivers, thereby persuading them of something. 

The forms of appeal are sometimes also referred to as the modes of appeal, modes of persuasion, rhetorical appeals, or rhetorical modes.

Because the forms of appeal are used to persuade, they are particularly relevant to look for in various types of non-fiction texts which have the intention to persuade - e.g. political speeches, political campaign videos, opinion pieces, debate articles, or advertisements.

The three forms of appeal are ethos, logos, and pathos.

When should I include the forms of appeal in my analysis?

As mentioned above, the forms of appeal may be particularly useful when doing a rhetorical analysis of a non-fiction t...

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