Here you can find ideas for discussing the importance of corporate social responsibility to companies and consumers, which was part of an assignment in the English A HHX exam in May 2019. 

Importance of corporate social responsibility to companies

Opportunity to connect with customers and generate profit and growth

Text 3 speaks extensively about the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for companies. More specifically, it argues that a CSR strategy is essential for a successful business, as recent research suggests that “brands with a ‘purpose’ constantly outperform brands without.” (ll. 17-18)

Customers, the text states, want to support businesses that make a difference: “Customers (…) want to use social media to share their behaviours, fashion finds and socially responsible attitudes too. People like to feel they’re making a difference, even though buying clothes” (ll. 13-16). This suggests that CSR is important to companies because it helps them connect with customers and their values. In turn, this connection keeps customers engaged and creates change in their behaviour and attitude, promoting a brand’s growth and increasing its profits: “Customers respond well to these positive social impact messages, rewarding the brand with greater sales, increased market share and a continued positive attitude from consumers towards their brand.” (ll. 21-23)

To illustrate the benefits of corporate social responsibility in the fashion industry, Text 3 gives a few examples of brands that have successfully made their business more sustainable and increased their profits as ...

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