Here you can find ideas for analysing the challenges faced by manufacturers of fast fashion, which was part of an assignment in the English A HHX exam in May 2019. 

Consumer demand for social responsibility

One of the challenges that manufacturers of fast fashion face today is society’s demand that brands adopt a socially conscious approach to their business.

According to Text 5, 70% of Americans believe that companies have an obligation to concern themselves with issues beyond their immediate business, with 79% of Americans and 90% of African Americans stating that companies should stand up for social justice issues. The same research places domestic job growth (indicated by 94% of respondents), racial equality (87%), and women’s rights (84%) as the top three issues that Americans believe companies should take an interest in. Moreover, 65% of Americans and 76% of Millennials say they will do their own research to ensure that a business’s social efforts are authentic, which highlights society’s real demand for companies to be serious about the impact they have.

The fact that consumers want to see fashion companies be socially responsible is also highlighted in Text 3 (ll. 8-11). Like Text 5, text 3 also suggests that companies’ social responsibility plan should be authentic to ensure success (ll. 18-19). This suggests that brands are challenged with new customer behaviour, and that they must adapt or face a loss in profits.

Text 6 also suggest...

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