How Tiger Woods' family history is presented

Part of your exam question asks you to write about how Tiger Woods’ family history is presented in the extract “Family Matters” from Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian’s biography on Tiger Woods. In this extract, the authors suggest that Tiger Woods was greatly influenced by his family. 

The extract contains several accounts by some of Tigers’ teachers who interacted with his parents. We are told that Tiger Woods’ father, Earl, attended every teacher-parent conference, which was unusual for a father to do back then (ll. 50-51). He resisted every alternative suggestion for Tiger made by his submissive wife or the school teachers. This presents Earl as a man who was greatly involved in his son’s education and wanted control

Another example that points to Earl’s excessive involvement in Tiger Woods’ development is the show-and-tell-scene, when Earl showed the class how Tiger played golf. Tiger’s teacher describes it as “the mo...

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