Study questions

On this page, we suggest a number of study questions that can help you get started with your analysis of the extract “Family Matters” from the biography Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. On the following pages, you can read examples and explanations that can help you answer these questions.

How does the extract present the topic? And what aspects of it does the extract focus on?

Who is the target audience of this biography?

What speaks for and against the reliability of the two senders of this unauthorized biography?

In what way has the extract been composed in two different parts that both illustrate something about Tiger Woods' family life?

How would you characterize the style of language in the extract?

What rhetorical devices does the extract use to engage the readers?

How do the authors use ethos to present the negative portrayal of Tiger Woods' childhood in a reliable way?

How do the authors use pathos to make the readers sympathize with young Tiger?

Do the authors present their view of Tiger Woods' upbringing via direct or indirect argumentation?

What is the intention with this extract titled “Family Matters”? ...

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