Here we present the main elements which will help with the analysis of the extract “Family Matters” from Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian’s biography Tiger Woods. The topic of the extract is the influence Tiger Woods’ family had on him and the influence parents have on children in general.

In the context of the rhetorical situation, the senders are Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian. The two authors are journalists, and they have collaborated before on another non-fiction book on sport-related topics. The intended receivers are fans of Tiger Woods, as well as fans of golf in general. The story was published in America and distributed worldwide.

Regarding composition, the title of the chapter which the extract is taken from is called “Family Matters”. This suggests the text focuses on Tiger in relation to his family, namely his family’s influence on him from an early age. The text is divided into two parts, one focusing on Tiger’s childhood, and the other on Tiger’s father, Earl. 

The style of language has many similarities with a fictional story. This helps to draw the readers in. It also creates a sense of familiarity between the reader and the famous person the book focuses on.

The text uses some rhetorical devices. These are used to explain Tiger’s behavior and draw attention to the family dynamics.

The forms of appeal pathos and ethos are used in the text. Pathos is the most frequent form of appeal, and it is used to evoke readers’ sympathy with the five-year-old Tiger. 

The authors use indirect argumentation. The arguments presented in the text appear convincing and logical.

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