In “The Battler” by Ernest Hemingway, the character of Bugs is an African-American man who was sent to prison for either killing or injuring a man (l. 236).

Bugs and Al met in prison, and Bugs states that he liked Ad right away and sought him out after he was released (l. 238). He then became Ad’s caretaker (l. 238-239). Bugs does not have a job, as he and Ad “just move around” (l. 242). It is implied that he spends Ad’s money, who in turn receives them from his wife (ll. 242-244). By accompanying Ad, Bugs has financial stability and he is no longer forced to resort to crimes: “ ‘I like seeing the country and I don’t have to commit no larceny to do it. I like living like a gentleman’ ” (ll. 239-240).

Bugs indulges Ad in his belief that Bugs is crazy and spends his time travelling around with the man: “I like to be with him and I like seeing the country” (l. 239). Although he has to knock out Ad to calm him down, Bugs also takes care of his friend: he hand...

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