The language of “Ten Indians” by Ernest Hemingway is very simple and straightforward, which is one of the features that Hemingway often employs in his texts. The simple and matter-of-fact language is also reminiscent of the author’s journalistic career, which deeply influenced his writing.

The story l…


Imagery and similes

There are only a few descriptive passages in the story, so imagery is rarely employed. Here is a quotation in which the author has used visual imagery that helps readers better visualize the road from the Garners’ farmhouse to Nick’s cottage:

Nick walked barefoot along the path through the meadow below the barn. The path was smooth and the dew was cool on his bare feet. He climbed a fence at the end of the meadow, went down through a ravine, his feet wet in the swamp mud, and then climbed up through the dry beech woods until he saw the lights of the cottage. He climbed over the fence and walked around to the front porch. (ll. 98-103)

Visual imagery is al…

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