In this section, we will offer you a brief introduction to our analysis of the short story “Ten Indians” by Ernest Hemingway.

The short story is structured around a single event in the life of Nick, the protagonist: as he returns home one night from celebrating the Fourth of July, he finds out that his Native American girlfriend was seen together with another young man. Consequently, he is heartbroken. Other important characters in the story are Nick's father and the collective character of the Garner family.

We can assume that the events might take place somewhere at the beginning of the 1900s in the USA. The social setting explores different issues related to racism and to the way in which Native Americans were treated by the white population in those times.

The third-person narrator has insight into Nick’s thoughts and feelings. When the Garner boys tease Nick about his relationship with Prudence, the narrator knows that the young man feels happy. As concerns the story's language, it lacks unnecessary embellishment and figures of speech and focuses on presenting the events as they happen.

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