The pros and cons of social media | STX Engelsk B | 2. december 2015

Her er Studienets study guide til eksamensopgaven "The pros and cons of social media" til Engelsk B på STX fra 2. december 2015. Opgaveformuleringen lød således:

The texts in section A focus on the pros and cons of social media. 


  1. Write a paper (700-1000 words) in which you answer the following questions. Answer the questions separately.
  2. Give an outline of the different views on social media that are presented in the three texts.
  3. How does Clive Thompson argue for his points in text 2? Give examples from the text.
  4. Taking your starting point in one of the three texts, discuss advantages and disadvantages of social media.


  1. Tracy McVeigh, “Internet addiction even worries Silicon Valley”
  2. Clive Thompson, “Teenagers and social networking – it might actually be good for them”
  3. Vivek Wadhwa, “10 years after Facebook launched, social media is only beginning to shake up the world”


Her får du en smagsprøve på vores study guide:

Presentation of the topic

Though there has been a relatively recent development in the realm of digital technologies, social media has gained so much popularity that many people have started to research and debate its effects on society. Some focus on the cons; others, on the pros. But, in the end, the majority recommends finding a balance between social media use and real-life interactions with those around us.

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The pros and cons of social media | STX Engelsk B | 2. december 2015

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