Summary of "The Commitment to Pleasure"

Text 1, “The Commitment to Pleasure”, is written by Hanif Kureishi. The essay was published in 2011.

In his essay, Kureishi tries to describe the pleasure of listening to music and the liberating feelings it brings.

He explains how even his two sons easily became accustomed to listening to pop and rock music and found it liberating.

Kureishi remembers his own teenage years, when he experienced the same feeling of freedom by listening to pop music and joining the pleasures of his generation.

He explains how pop music has become a great part of the British identity.

While it remains untamed, pop music still remains the symbol of many generations of British people and also the symbol of creativity.

Presentation of the topic

Pop music has always influenced generations of people through its messages and creativity. Performers have become the voices that expressed a generation’s desires and angst. However, nowadays, pop music seems to go to a dangerous path and negatively influence children and teenagers.