Discussion: The influence of music on identity

After reading the three texts, you may have come to the conclusion that pop music can undoubtedly affect a generation. It can make you feel the desire to connect with your peers, or it can completely change the way you see the world.

The following questions are here to help you think about the way music can influence the identity of a generation. They can also help you come up with new ideas and views when discussing the topic in your paper.

Music from an early age

First of all, how early do children begin to listen to music? What kind of message do they receive? The majority of children become interested in music from early years. They connect to music seen on cartoons, TV, etc. Think about the reasons why children - even babies - become interested in music from such an early age.

Teenagers and music

Why are teenagers so connected to music? Why do their relationships with music and attitudes towards their idols seem to have such a great importance to them? The teenage years are critical an...

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