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Med denne study guide får du hjælp til at besvare Delprøve 2 fra eksamenssættet i Engelsk A på HHX fra 24. maj 2013, som handler om Nikes slogan "Innovate for a better world".


Eksamensspørgsmålet til de to underspørgsmål, A og B, lyder sådan:

A: Write an essay in which you account for Nike's efforts to live up to the slogan "Innovate for a better world". Discuss the consequences of the efforts for Nike, the consumers, and for labour and sustainability standards in general.

Write the essay in English. Write an appropriate heading.

Suggested word count: 700-900 words

Use the following sources:

  • Sustainability is our generation's defining issue (2:54)
  • Enough is not enough: Hannah Jones (4:37)
  • The Sustainable Advantage: Nike's Wake-Up Call (3:47)
  • Nike Raises Factory Labor and Sustainability Standards

B: Nike has launched a 'Black and Tan' trainer which has caused controversy. Read the article and have your say on the importance of doing cultural research before launching a product.

Write the blog in English.

Suggested word count: 300 words

Use the following source: 

  • Nike puts foot in it with 'Black and Tan' trainers


Her får du en smagsprøve på indholdet fra afsnittet om "Discussion: The importance of cultural research":

Consider the fact that Nike’s mistake is not a unique case.  Why do you think companies fail to do proper cultural research? Consider that some of the reasons could be that they assign their advertising strategy to third party PR companies or that they decided to launch a product faster than initially planned.

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Innovate for a better world | Essay & Blog

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