The plot in “The Signal-Man” by Charles Dickens follows a very simple narrative plot which can be summarised as follows:



The title of the short story – “The Signal-Man” – only announces about whom the events are about, a signal-man working for the railway.



The story begins in media res or in the middle of events. There is no introduction to the characters and their background in the beginning. This technique is a particular way of hooking the readers’ attention by first starting with the action and then offering some background information about the characters and the setting:



The middle of the short story is mostly comprised of the conversations between the narrator and the signal-man. The confessions of the signal-man become points of tension in the short story as he talks about a ghostly apparition which seems to haunt him and warn him about bad things which are to happen.



The falling action details the circumstances of the death of the signal-man, who was hit by the train even if the conductor tried warning him.


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