This part of the study guide will offer you some points for connecting the story “The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife” with the literary period, other works by Ernest Hemingway, and works with similar themes.

Literary period

Ernest Hemingway is a typical Modernist writer. Some of the characteristics which define Modernism and which are also used in the short story are:


Works by the same author

To gain a broader perspective on some of the characters in “The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife” we recommend you read two other semi-autobiographical short stories by the same author, from the same collection, In Our Time.

In “Indian Camp” (Contexts, pp. 12), Dr. Adams takes Nick to a nearby Native American camp to deliver a baby. The boy witnesses the procedure and is engrossed.


Works with the same theme

Some works which explore the theme of relationships and are comparable to “The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife” are those of American author Raymond Carver, who was inspired by Hemingway’s style.


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