Other sources

In this type of exam, you must include 1-2 other sources from the internet. We recommend that you should settle on just finding one. Be careful that finding additional sources does not take up too much of your time; analyzing the main text, “Online Harassment and Cyber Mobs” by Anita Sarkeesian should be your main focus.

You can use Google to find texts that deal with the topic. We recommend you find a blog post or an article from a reputable online news outlet that is not too long or complicated. Maybe you can even find a relevant link from one of the texts that are already in the exam material.

Remember to add a precise link to the source in a footnote in your paper, like we have done below.

“Here’s What Sexist Video Games Do to Boys' Brains”

The text we have looked up online is called “Here’s What Sexist Video Games Do to Boys' Brains” and it was written by Alexandra Sifferlin and published on the website of Time magazine in 2016. You can find the article here[1].

The article shows how video game players who use games containing violence and ...

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