Ernest Hemingway’s “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot” should be put in perspective to have a better view of the author’s style, but also to connect the story with several other similar literary works.

Literary period

Ernest Hemingway is one of the most famous Modernist American authors of all time. A notable Modernist feature in the short story “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot” is the use of straightforward and blunt language, with few embellishments and figures of speech. Another feature of Modernism is the focus on the inner struggles of


Works with the same theme

The theme of emasculation has been explored by Ernest Hemingway in the short story “The Short and Happy Life of Francis Macomber”. Francis Macomber and his wife join an African safari to hunt lions. The man feels emasculated because he is permanently humiliated by his wife,...


Works by the same author

A short story by Ernest Hemingway which deals with the failure of a relationship is “A Very Short Story”. Here, Hemingway presents the experience of a wounded American soldier who falls in love with an Italian nurse. Because the two of them cannot see eye to eye when it comes to their relationship, they separate and engage in superficial affairs.

You could also read the short story “Cat In the Rain”, which also deals with a couple’s failure to communicate and understand each other.


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