Setting and narrator

Here, you can read relevant information about the setting and narrator of “Mid-Air” by Jennifer Allott.


The short story “Mid-Air” by Jennifer Allott is set in England and is probably meant to be read as a contemporary one. The British setting is shown by the names of places like Robin Hood’s Bay or Pickering.

Physical setting

The main element of the physical setting is the beach on Robin Hood’s Bay, which is described through Alex’s eyes and used to be a symbolical place for him and his family. But now, his father has taken him and his sister on a trip to the place together with his new girlfriend:

“When they arrived at Robin Hood’s Bay that morning they had parked at the top of the cliff. Rosie would not hold anyone’s hand but Alex’s as they walked the narrow cobbled streets. They were slow because of all the steps. Dad and Paula would disappear round the corner and Alex and Rosie would follow after like a four-legged creature.” (ll. 60-63)

Another relevant element of the physical setting is the car in which the characters are at the time of the narration. Though it is not described in detail, the atmosphere in the car is ...

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