The main character of the short story “Mid-Air” by Jennifer Allott is a young boy, named Alex. The narrative is told only from his perspective and the other characters are only important through his relations with them. For this reason, we will mainly focus on Alex’s characterisation and only briefly outline some of the other characters: the father, the mother, Paula, Rosie and Ben.


Alex is the protagonist of the short story, a young boy, probably age 7-8 years old who has just spent a day with his father, his sister and his father’s girlfriend, Paula.

The narrator does not reveal much about Alex’s outer characterisation. We do not know how he looks. We only know that he and his sister live with their mother (ll. 44-45) after their parents have separated and that Alex goes to school (ll. 29-30).

Inner characterisation

The focus of the narrator is the impact the divorce of his parents had on Alex. By describing the way Alex relates to his mother, his father, Paul, Rosie and his friend Ben, the narrator gives an indirect characterisation of the boy.

Alex hates his father for leaving his mother and cannot understand his decision. This is reflected through the references he makes to his mother when he is with his father and the man’s new girlfriend Paula: "“It was mum’s favourite place too,” said A...

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