Imagery and metaphors

“London” by William Blake abounds in imagery and metaphors as it is a very descriptive poem. We will now look more closely at these figures of speech: 

Metaphors and Symbols

The author talks metaphorically about the Chimney-sweepers’ blackening actions. This blackening is not only about the dark ashes they work with; it is also a symbol for a dark world of faith, in which even the church becomes less pure and more trivial:​ “Every black’ning Church appals;” (p. 214, l.12)

Another metaphor is that of the Soldier’s sigh, which “Runs in blood down Palace walls” (p. 214, l. 14). This can also be considered a personification. What the author is trying to say is that the sighs of the soldier are as painful as a wound, and the soldier’s sacrifice stains th...

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