“I’m Having Fun!” is structured around the dilemmas of a young female character who is at the beginning of her adult life, while exposing the outer tensions between her and her boyfriend caused by a holiday guide flirting with her.

Below, we detail the structure of the short story, while also paying attention to the plot elements:


The title of the short story is connected with the main character, 18-year old Diane.



The short story begins directly, in media res, during a conversation between the protagonist and her mother. This type of introduction usually hooks readers’ attention as the plot is not fully revealed from the start:



The middle of the short story continues with the rising action – tension moments in the narrative which build up to the climax. The most important tension points in the plot line are:

  • Neil is frustrated because Diane is still a virgin and refuses to sleep with him.



The high tension defuses as Neil goes for a walk and Diane starts crying alone in her room, this representing the falling action.


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