Setting and narrator

Here, we will focus on the setting and narrator of “I’m Having Fun!” written by an anonymous author.


Written by an anonymous author in 1985, the short story comes across as modern and intended to be set in the early 1980s as it is indicated by the “typing exams” (p. 36, l. 12) the protagonist takes, which are no longer relevant today in the era of PCs and Internet.

Physical setting

The physical setting splits into two countries, the UK and Spain. The first part of the action takes place in the UK, as the reference to London indicates (p. 36, l. 7). An important element in this setting is Neil’s car in which the couple listens to “tapes on the cassette player” (p. 36, ll. 42-43) and the place where Neil tries to sleep with Diane.


Social setting

The social setting is equally important in the short story, both regarding society and time. As we have mentioned, the action is set in the early eighties and regards a young couple from the UK having a holiday in Spain. The time also sets the premises for a specific socio-historic context.



The short story “I’m Having Fun!” is a first-person narrative, told from the perspective of the protagonist, 18-year old, Diane.

The narrator has limited knowledge on the events and the other characters, and only describes her experiences and the way she perceives them:


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