To engage in a broader discussion about Astrid Blodgett’s short story “Ice Break” you might find it useful to link the text to current issues, literary period, and works with the same themes.

Current issues

Because the story is focused on family relationships in modern times, the issues it raises are common to many families around the world. The story shows us that divorce, conflicting relationships between parents and children,...


Literary period

Published in 2012, “Ice Break” belongs to the postmodernist literary period. Postmodernism developed after World War II as a reaction to Modernism and to the issues of post-industrial society.


Works with the same theme

A short story that also deals with grief, loss, and family relationships is “How the Nurse Feels” by Greg Changnon. In the short story, a teenage girl who is acting in a school play begins to like another boy who has a bad reputation at school. The boy disappears and the adults assume he has run away from home.


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