“Fireweed” by Skye Brannon starts with Baluta, who is having a day in which he keeps remembering events from his childhood when he was living in Liberia, which involve his family and his sister Alanso. Now he lives in the United States with his brother and his brother’s wife and works as a carpenter. He goes by the name of Joel and needs to use his brother’s car to get to work. In the morning, he remembers Alanso’s laughter. Then, he goes to do a job for a wealthy lady called Tiffany, where he has been recommended by a woman in the neighborhood, Mrs Giles.

As he drives into the yard of his new employer, he sees a pond which reminds him of a pond back in Liberia where he and Alanso would go playing and fishing. But it was only Alanso who usua...

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