Fireweed | Analysis

Dette er Studienets analysehjælp til novellen "Fireweed" af Skye Brannon. Denne novelle optræder i eksamenssættet i skriftlig Engelsk B på STX fra 25. maj 2011. I denne vejledning giver vi dig overblik over alle de væsentlige elementer, der kan tages med i en analyse og har især fokus på opgaveformuleringen, som lyder sådan:

Write an essay (700-1000 words) in which you analyse and interpret Skye Brannon’s short story “Fireweed”. Your essay must include the following points:

  • the way the story is structured
  • the main theme
  • a characterization of Baluta/Joel
  • the setting


Skye Brannon, “Fireweed”, a short story, 2009

Præsentation af teksten

Titel: “Fireweed”
Forfatter: Skye Brannon
Udgivelsesår: 2009
Genre: Novelle

Skye Brannon er en kunstrner og forfatter fra Oklahoma, USA. Hendes første novelle, "Fireweed", blev udgivet i antologien "One World: A global anthology".


Her får du et kort uddrag fra vores webbog som smagsprøve:

Current issues

The short story is a piece of modern fiction, yet it targets real historical contexts and issues we deal with in modern society. In many ways, the story is a social critique of inequality because it draws attention to the devastating effects of the blood diamonds (violent conflicts in Africa caused by diamond trade) on the local, innocent population.

While the conflict in Liberia – from where the main character is – has ended officially in 2003, its negative consequences are still visible today, with the country struggling to reorganize itself and with allegations of child labor being used in the diamond mining industry.

Furthermore, social inequality, both local and global, is still a huge issue nowadays. The wealthy are separated from the poor and, most of the times, they are ignorant to their needs. Wealthy countries turn a blind eye to their share of responsibility in creating the gap between rich and poor countries.

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Fireweed | Analysis

  • 05-10-2020
    Givet af 2.g'er på STX