English as a global language | HF Engelsk B | 2015

Denne study guide er en vejledning til at besvare B-opgaven i spørgsmål 6 i det vejledende eksamenssæt til digital skriftlig Engelsk B på HF fra februar 2015, hvor spørgsmålet lød:

  1. Write a summary of “Learn English online: How the internet is changing language” in about 150 words.
  2. Write a short analytical essay (at least 300 words) about “Learn English online: How the internet is changing language” and “The World’s English Mania”. You must focus on the role of the English language in the world today.
    Include the following words and phrases in your essay: language, argument, medium, intention
  3. Taking your starting point in “The World’s English Mania”, discuss the pros and cons of English as a global language. Use at least two phrases from the box below.
    because, on the other hand, such as, in spite of, unlike, although, as a consequence of, in other words

    Jane O’Brien, “Learn English online: How the internet is changing language”
    “The World’s English Mania”, a TED talk


Her får du en smagsprøve på vores study guide:

Presentation of the topic

There is no official definition of “global language”, but it essentially refers to a language that is learned and spoken internationally, and is characterized not only by the number of its native and second language speakers, but also by its geographical distribution, and its use in international organizations and in diplomatic relations. A global language acts as a lingua franca, a common language that enables people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to communicate on a more or less equitable basis.

English is the nearest thing to a global language today. Its worldwide reach is much greater than anything achieved historically by Latin or French. Many would reasonably claim that, in the fields of business, academics, science, computing, education, transportation, politics and entertainment, English is already established as the de facto lingua franca.

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English as a global language | HF Engelsk B | 2015

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