Characterisations of David and Stanley

In the following section, we will give you some ideas on the traits of the two characters in the film, David and Stanley.…



As the narrator in the short film, David is the one telling a story about an experience he has had. He accounts memories from childhood and secondary schools and more recent memories from his adult life, at the story is therefore completely subjective.

The screenshots introduce David as a handsome man. His description makes us believe that he is living…



Stanley is characterised mostly through David’s memories of him as a youngster.

He is initially presented as a funny kid who grew up to be the laugh of others in high school, as he appeared to be intellectually slower than others. David reveals to the audience that Stanley was considered some type of Forest Gump.

In the final shots, when he appears in the movie, he looks like a normal adult, with a beautiful wife. David has to admit that, even if Stanley is not rich, he seems very happy with his life.

Furthermore, he does not seem …

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