The main themes of the short story “Could It Be Forever” by Nina Stibbe are illusion and disappointment. These are elements which people usually associate with romantic love or the failure of a relationship. The fact that they are ascribed to an eleven-year-old girl makes them even more important to analyse.


This theme is clearly illustrated by the narrator, the eleven-year-old girl. During the 1970s, when the story takes place, singer David Cassidy was considered a teen idol and he became the object of the illusion of many girls. Even today, many teenage girls have a “crush” on movie stars or singers, such as Dylan O’Brien or Justin Bieber.



The theme of disappointment is noticeable towards the ending of the story when the narrator finally realises the truth about Dave’s identity. The interesting thing is that the narrator does not seem to be angry with her sister or Celia. One would expect her to lash out on the girls, fight or tell them off, but the narrator does not do that.


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