The main character in the story “Could It Be Forever” by Nina Stibbe is the unnamed narrator. Other relevant characters whom we will only briefly mention are the narrator’s sister, Celia and the fictional Dave Cassidy.

The narrator

Before dealing with the character of the girl-narrator, it is important to take into consideration the fact that the current narrator of the story is not a child, but an adult. An interesting thing about the narrator is that she is not given a name. This decision of the author can be seen as a way of suggesting that these childish events can happen to any child, any day, no matter who is involved.

Outer characterisation

The outer characterisation of the girl lacks; nothing much is revealed about her outer appearance.


Inner characterisation

The girl’s inner characterisation reveals that she is easily swept off her feet by the idea of a romantic affair. At first, she is rather distrustful of the story:

“But, when did he see me?” I asked.
“You were pushing your bike up Station Hill,” said my sister.
“I don’t remember pushing my bike up Station Hill,” I said. 
“Well, you did, and your face was bright red and that’s when Dave fell in love with you,” said my sister, and Celia agreed. 
(ll. 12-16)


Relationship with the two girls

Initially, the narrator’s relationship with her sister shows the two of them as being rather competitive.


Relationship with​ Dave Cassidy

The most important relationship in the story is that between the narrator and Dave Cassidy. Even if the boy is a product of imagination, the narrator is not aware of it.


Dave Cassidy

Dave Cassidy is the fictional boy invented by the narrator’s sister and by Celia, who wish to have some fun. He is depicted as being very similar to David Cassidy, the singer whom the narrator likes:


The narrator’s sister and Celia

These two girls are thirteen-years-old and they invent Dave Cassidy only for fun and for the sake of entertaining themselves.


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