The short film “AWOL” by Deb Shoval has two important themes. The main theme is reffering to the challenges of being lesbian, while a secondary theme is reffering to disappointment. In the following lines you can read a helpful presentation regarding this two themes.

The challenges of being lesbian

The main theme of the short film is sexual orientation; more precisely, the movie is about the challenges of being lesbian.

As you have seen, Joey’s sexual orientation has impacted both her family relationships and her choice of work. In the movie, it is implied that Joey was pushed to enroll in the army by her mother, who was not probably willing to accept her daughter being a lesbian. Furthermore, her father is also unable to understand why she prefers women to men.



A secondary theme you can reflect on is that of disappointment. Joey is disappointed by both her parents and her lover. Her parents fail to accept and understand that she is a lesbian, while her lover, Rayna, is not willing to leave with her to Canada.


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