Question 3 in the exam set asks you to discuss the reasons why young people choose to join the army, taking your starting point in the short film “AWOL” by Deb Shoval. Your discussion should also include phrases such as unlike, however, by comparison, as a result, therefore, furthermore, in this case, to sum up.

As you have seen, in “AWOL” it is suggested that Joey’s reasons for joining the army were family pressures, lack of money and her sexual orientation.


Economic situation

Young people whose families cannot afford to support them through college or who fail to find a job, might choose to join the army as such work is generally well paid because of the risks involved.



Some young people might want to join the army out of a feeling of patriotism. Because they love their country, they feel it is their duty to contribute defending it.


Need for adventure

Other young people are not necessarily patriots, but are in search of an adventure. This is in fact more typical of youngsters.


Family pressures

Some young people might be undecided on what they want to do with their lives. In such cases, it might be the family suggestions and pressure that determine them to join the army. As you have seen, Joey also joined the army at her mother’s pressures.



Some young people who feel they do not fit in the society they live in might see joining the army as a way to escape this situation. Joey’s situation is also illustrative of this aspect.


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