The narrative in “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner begins with the death of Emily Grierson, a member of the higher class in the town of Jefferson after the American Civil War. The woman dies at the age of seventy-four and the townspeople gather for her funeral and to see her house which has not been open to anyone for over ten years. Emily had kept a retired life, almost never going outside her house and always sending her servant Tobe to do her errands.

Then, the story leaps back in time. As a young woman, Emily’s suitors are chased away by her father who eventually dies when she was about thirty. But Emily refuses to let the body of her father be buried for three days. Upon her father’s death, the mayor of the town, Colonel Sartoris exempts Emily from paying any taxes. 

After the death of the father, Emily gets sick and goes outside her house very rarely. Some time after that, Emily’s neighbors begin to notice a strange smell coming from her yard and they complain to the local jud...

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