In this part of the study guide, we will give you some points and ideas that will help you put the text “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place” by Ernest Hemingway in perspective.

Literary period

Ernest Hemingway is considered a modernist writer who revolutionized literary prose by introducing a new writing technique, called the iceberg technique. This method entails that readers are only given 20% of the narrative behind a short story and are left to imagine or guess the rest 80% of the facts.


Works in the same genre

The same types of techniques used by Hemingway in his writings – particularly the intensive use of dialogue and the lack of information about the events depicted – can also be found in the work of Irish writer, James Joyce.


Works by the same author

Ernest Hemingway’s preference for dialogue as a way of conveying the events in shorts stories is well-known. Many other stories, apart from this one, render events via direct speech,


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