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Her kan du se et eksempel på, hvordan et short analytical essay til 12 kan se ud, når du skal skrive en analyse af en kortfilm (short film) som svar på Opgave 6C. Vi har valgt at bruge 6C til vores eksempel, fordi det både illustrer…




As an immigrant, it can be a constant struggle to juggle your different cultural identities and find a place in your new country. Such a struggle often results in inner conflicts that are hard to resolve, but it may also involve surprising external challenges because of racism and prejudice. The 2016 short film “Prom” by Imram J. Khan tells the tragic story of a young Indian immigrant facing such a challenge. 

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The story takes place in the US, and the main character Hasan is a child of Indian immigrants. Hasan attends an American high school, and the social setting of the story deals with the cultural conflicts that may arise in this situation. We see this at the very beginning of the story when Hasan’s father yells a question in Hindi, which Hasan responds to in perfect English, in an annoyed tone of voice (00:22-00:34) - sugg…

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