Here you can read a brief presentation of our analysis of Donald Trump’s inaugural address. The analysis follows the rhetorical pentagram model.

In the next few pages, we will look at the topics of the speech – the American economy and foreign policy – and how the speaker connects them with contemporary issues in American society.

We will present the speaker, his Republican background, and how he tries to present himself as a legitimate and capable leader.

We will examine the audience - formed by Americans and the international public – and look at some of their reactions to the speech, as well as at which categories of people the speaker targets.

We will discuss the language the speaker uses looking at the choice of words, tone, and rhetorical devices which help him convey his arguments.

We will focus on the circumstances of the speech looking at the inauguration events, the presidential elections, and how the speech was received by the public.

Finally, we will look at how the speaker tries to achieve his intention of convincing the audience that the US is going through challenges and that his solutions can fix them.

You can find the entire analysis of the speech in the next pages.

Further help

Do you want additional help with analysis of speeches? See our guide to speech analysis:

Speech analysis

I denne vejledning får du Studienets hjælp til, hvordan du analyserer, diskuterer og perspektiverer en tale (speech eller address) i engelskfaget. Kort fortalt handler det typisk om, at du skal lave en retorisk analyse af talen.