Here is a brief summary of the points of analysis we cover in this webbook:

The short story "Cloud Busting" by Tara June Winch is structured as a frame-story; it begins with the narrator recalling moments from her childhood which lead to recalling a story told by her mother, from her own childhood. Consequently, a memory leads to another memory, both of which are connected by the concept of cloud busting.

The text has several persons: May (the narrator), Billy (her brother), the narrator’s mother (who also functions as a narrator), Alice (the narrator’s grandmother), and Samuel (the salesman). All these characters are simple; their traits are not presented in detail. Out of all of them, the most important ones are May, Alice, and Samuel.

The frame story takes place in the physical setting of the narrator’s childhood house in Australia, near the ocean. The events take place during a day when the narrator goes to the beach and then comes home to hear a story from their mother.

The main narrator is May, who recalls her childhood and a story told by her mother. The second narrator is May’s mother, who tells her children a story about their grandmother, Alice.

The language of the short story is often descriptive and figurative, but overall it is easy to follow and understand. The author’s style of writing is elegant and graceful, and she strikes a balance between descriptive passages, narrative passages, and simple colloquial dialogue.

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