The exposition introduces the setting of the story as the narrator recounts the events that led to Dr von Leinsdorf moving to South Africa. The exposition also contributes to the characterisation of Dr von Leinsdorf, who is presented as a “geologist absorbed in his work” (p. 40, ll. 4-5). The line “He…



The rising action presents how Dr von Leinsdorf meets the woman at the supermarket.

The line “most flats are serviced–resident cleaners come in every day” (p. 40, ll. 19-21) foreshadows the excuse used by the woman to enter the flat and keep her relationship with Dr von Leinsdorf a secret.

The woman’s interest in Dr. von Leinsdorf is foreshadowed by the fact that she offers her help after she recognises him when he returns to the shop (p. 40, ll. 54-61). A tension point is created when the woman appears in his path and Dr von Leinsdorf tells her to bring the razors to his flat, inviting her inside afterwards.

Another tension poi…



The falling action presents the police searching the apartment and questioning Dr von Leinsdorf, revealing that they have been watching the couple for some time.

A tension point is created when Dr von Leinsdorf refuses to give the key of the wardrobe to the police and lies to them (p. 45, l. 66). Nonetheless, the policeman opens the wardrobe with a screwdriver: “He heard the lock give” (p. 45, l. 4). It is revealed that the woman has been crying, and uncertainty is created over whether or not she is angry (p. 45, ll. 19-22).

The man and woman are …

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