Theme and message

The main theme that prevails in the short story “Cielo Azul” by Michael Connelly is that of justice. When a crime has been committed, it is up to the detective or investigator to find the criminal and convict him/her. In the story “Cielo Azul”, the concept of justice goes beyond that, as the criminal is convicted, close to the death penalty, but justice is far from being done.


The theme of justice is illustrated by detective Bosch’s stubbornness and obsession in solving the case of the girl found dead on Mulholland Drive. His desire to see justice being done pushes him to ask for the help of criminal profiler Terry McCaleb, with whom he has several things in common. McCaleb is already haunted by not finding out the identity of a dead girl from a few years ago, so he is even more motivated to help Bosch solve the case.

Even after the ...

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