“Cielo Azul” by Michael Connelly starts with one hot September day, when detective Harry Bosch drives towards the San Quentin State Prison in California to meet a criminal who was convicted twelve years ago. He remembers the case that brought him face to face with this criminal, who is named Seguin. Twelve years ago, the body of a girl was found abandoned on Mulholland Drive and Harry and his partner Frankie Sheehan were called in for the case.

As he drives towards the prison, detective Harry Bosh remembers not being able to find anything about the identity of the murdered girl twelve years ago. The deputy coroner Teresa Corazon helped Harry and Frankie gather some details about the way in which the girl was killed. The clues led to them narrowing down a list of cars with relevant license plates, as the murdered girl had been hidden in the trunk of a car before being discarded on Mulholland Drive.

Unable to solve the case...

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