In what follows, we summarize the analysis elements we discuss in this section of the study guide.

The short story “Cielo Azul” by Michael Connelly is not structured chronologically. Instead, the present-day narrative is intertwined with flashbacks from the past, which help readers better understand detective Harry Bosch’s frustration upon not being able to completely solve a crime case.

The main characters in the short story are detective Harry Bosch and the murderer Victor Seguin. Several other important characters appear – the deputy coroner Teresa Corazon, the detective Frankie Sheehan, and the criminal profiler Terry McCaleb. We will help you characterize all these characters, focusing on the first two.

The main physical setting is Los Angeles, with a particular focus on Mulholland Drive, the place where the body of the girl was found. The social setting is closely connected to the investigation carried out by Bosch and the rest of the police force.

The narrator of the short story is also its protagonist, detective Harry Bosch. The events he narrates are told from his perspective.

The language is easy to understand, even if it contains words connected to police investigations. For instance, terms like “fibers” (p. 21, l. 33) or “criminal profiling” (p. 25, l. 12) are not often used by regular people, but by police investigators and detectives.

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