In this section, we will highlight the elements of our analysis of “The Word Love” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

The structure follows the elements of a traditional plot, while including narrative techniques like the second-person narrator, foreshadowing, and backstory. The most important characters in the story are the unnamed protagonist, her mother, and Rex, the protagonist's boyfriend. 

The events take place in Berkeley, California, where the protagonist does her PhD studies. The social setting explores aspects related to cultural differences, intercultural relationships, and tradition during our times.

The events are described from the point of view of a second-person narrator, who can be interpreted to be the inner voice of the protagonist. The narrator is not always explicit about what happens in the story. The language used is simple, with mixed narration, dialogue, and stream of consciousness, making the story dynamic and helping the author convey more about the protagonist and her interactions with the other characters.

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