Literary perspectives

The short story “Child of God” by Genevieve Abravanel can be considered an example of modernist literature. 

Modernist literature often focuses on…


Works with the same theme

Another story that deals with the theme of guilt and loss is “Bone Deep” by Martin Malone. In the story, a family cannot forgive their father for driving drunk and getting into an accident that killed one son and left another disabled. The father also seems unable to forgive himself, but the son who was left paralyzed after the accident is able to offer his father forgiveness. Similarly, in “Child of God”, Amos’s family forgives the narrator for the accident which killed their son, even though the narrator does not seem able to accept their forgiveness. 

The short story “This is What it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” by Sherman Alexie also deals with the theme of forgiveness and acceptance. In the story, a young man named Victor travels to collect his father’s remains, after his father had abandoned his family when Victor was young. Throughout the story, Victor finds new information that helps him to forgive his father. In “Child of God”, Amos’s parents are able to offer forgiveness to the woman who killed their young son. 

Gina Berriault’s short story “The Stone Boy” looks at a family who is unable to forgive their son for not displaying the appropriate remorse after accidentally killing his brother. At the same time, the son appears unwilling to forgive his parents for judging him for his reaction to the accident. This shows a contrast to the Amish family in “Child of God”, who are quick to forgive the narrator for killing their son even though she does not appear to be remorseful. 

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